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Tips from the Mime

1. C&P

You can use your "GoTo" Box to store "cut" info but the Find box is not reliable for more than 1 URL...
For instance...copy one url by hitting "go to" and "Show Last" copy that into your main memory with CMD + C......
Go to another URL and hit "go to" and show last for it's address...

at the end of this URL....put a couple of dashes or something to seperate the info......then enter the URL in your main memory with CMD + V to the end of the other URL.....

Now hightlight it and copy both URLs....

Repeat these steps over and holds a lot

2. NewsGropes
Posting a "reply" to a post will push it to the top of the list of new posts....even an old post
A staright "Posting" will go in at the top.....but pushed down as all posts are with each new posting 3. Stealing Images
4. Editing
5. Surfing/Searching
If you accidently hit the "Back" button...quickly hit the "recent" or the "options" button and that will stop the backing up process