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Biography of
Timmer Angel

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Timmer Angel,, is a nationally acclaimed entertainer who began his studies as a music major during the early 70's in California, where he also attended Stanford University mime workshops.

While playing Jesus in Godspell (1977) Timmer switched his major from music to drama.

In the late 70's he moved back to his hometown Saint Louis, MO where he became active in community and college theatre productions, playing more major roles including Macheath in 3 Penny Opera and the Padre in Man of LaMancha.

While pursuing a degree in Theatre at Saint Louis University,he began performing Mime on the "Central West End." His performance garnered critical acclaim and soon mushroomed into a career. He now works full time as an entertainer and teacher.

Timmer's clients includes hundreds of corporations, schools and organizations in the Missouri-Illinois area. (See Partial List)

He has worked at many state and county fairs nationwide. His credits include 10 years at V.P. Fairs (now Fair St. Louis), 4 years at the New Orleans Mardi Gras (82-85) plus San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Key West.

Mr. Angel also conducts workshops that stress exercising the creative imagination, improvisation, acting and teamwork.

Performances include classical and stylized technique combined with contemporary comedy and spontaneous ad-libs.

While participating in his workshops children learn to express their creativity through movement. They develop and improve their imagination, coordination, concentration and self confidence by utilizing improv games, classical mime technique and in class performances. (Sessions can also include applying makeup and brief lectures discussing theatre history, costumes and street performance.)

Since 1997 Timmer has become active on the world wide web designing web pages, graphics and providing web hosting with his partner at Domania.Net

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